Depression Therapy
in Gastonia, NC 

I'm often asked, "How do I know if I'm depressed or just sad?" That's a great question. It's true, sadness is a part of life, and we all will feel sad from time to time. So how can you tell if depression is setting in? These are some of the signs and symptoms to look for:

1. Persisitent feelings of sadness, emptiness, and hopelessness.
2. Angry outbursts, irritability, frustration, even over small matters.
3. Loss of interest in the things you used to enjoy.
4. Sleep disturbances (insomnia or sleeping too much).
5. Fatigue and lack of energy.
6. Change in appetite and/or weight.
7. Anxiety, agitation. or restlessness.
8. Slowed thinking, speaking, or body movements.
9. Trouble with focus, memory, and making decisions.
10. Feelings of worthlessness, guilt, or self-blame.
11. Recurrent thoughts of death or suicidal thoughts (or attempts). 

If you're experiencing several of the above symptoms, you may be suffering from depression. The good news is that depression IS TREATABLE. 

As a counselor, I use various approaches, including CBT, EMDR, Mindfulness, EFT, and hypnosis to aid clients dealing with depression. If you're struggling through each day, counseling can help. Contact me, and we take the first steps toward health and healing together.