It is my highest goal for you to feel supported, validatated, and valued during our time together.

-Wendy Johnston


 A How I'm Different...

Are you like so many others who have tried therapy and determined it just doesn't work? Did you feel like a number, like you were rushed to get through your concerns, or like the tools and strategies being utilized were ineffective?

If so, you're not alone. I hear the same story on a weekly basis. Over the years, like many of my clients, I've come to understand that all therapy is not quality therapy. 

If you've tried therapy before, or if you're hesitant to come for the first time, I want to put your mind at ease and let you know that our time together will most likely be different from other therapy you may have had in the past.

My clients tell me that I'm different in the following ways:

1. I am engaged, present, and authentic. I take time to hear your concerns and to let you know that you matter.

2. I use a personalized approach, tailored to your individual needs that consists of innovative, practical tools and strategies that lead to real healing and change. 

3. Most of all-- I'm passionate about what I do, and this is not a simply a job or a paycheck to me. Because I've fought through my own struggles in counseling, I know the power of good therapy, and I understand how to overcome adversity. I was so transformed by my own personal experiences that I returned to grad school at 43 to become a counselor. This is my passion, and I love coming to work each day!

Education & Special Training: 

  • Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Montreat College 

If you're struggling and in pain and need to make a change, it only takes one small step to open the doors to your prefereed future. Contact me, and we will work together to mobilize your strengths and create the life you want to live. 

Personalized Therapeutic Approach: 

Because I believe all clients are unique individuals, I utilize a varierty of therapeutic and life coaching techniques and will tailor interventions to meet your individual needs.

Many of the techniques I use are derived from the following counseling therapies: Rogerian, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Solution-focused therapy, and Narrative therapy. I am also proficient in  EMDR and CPT (Cognitve Processing Therapy) for trauma-related disorders, as well as hypnosis.

As your therapist and/or life coach, I will strive to provide a non-judgemental environment for the exploration of your concerns and self-discovery. It is my highest goal for you to feel supported, heard, validated, and valued during our time together.